Assay type 'Inhibitor study'

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Current Assay type Inhibitor study - this is a new suggested term that specialises Experimental Assay Type
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Treat MCF10A cells (in duplicate) with dilution series of LJH685 (Stock in DMSO): 100µM, 33µM, 10µM, 3µM, 1µM, 0.3µM, 0.1µM, 0µM (control) +/- 3ng/ml EGF for 30 min. Total of 32 samples. Extract and quantify activated Ras activity levels by ELISA.

Expected results: We expect to see an increase in Ras activity as we increase the concentrations of LJH685. We should see this increase in both the presence and absence of EGF but see a much stronger effect with EGF. The 30 min sample time should be ...

Submitter: Steven Wiley

Assay type: Inhibitor study

Technology type: ELISA

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