Genome Sequence of the Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus sp. Strain NK55a


The genome of the unicellular cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus sp. strain NK55a, isolated from the Nakabusa hot spring, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, comprises a single, circular, 2.5-Mb chromosome. The genome is predicted to contain 2,358 protein-encoding genes, including genes for all typical cyanobacterial photosynthetic and metabolic functions. No genes encoding hydrogenases or nitrogenase were identified.


PubMed ID: 24482507

Projects: Adaptive Responses, Energy and Material Processing, Microbial Community Dynamics

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Journal: Genome Announc


Date Published: 1st Feb 2014

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Authors: S. Stolyar, , V. Thiel, L. P. Tomsho, N. Pinel, , , , S. Haruta, S. C. Schuster, D. A. Bryant,

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